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How to Reinvent your Home Interiors with these Easy Carpet and Flooring Ideas

To make a house a home is a wonderful thing. When you move into a new property it becomes a canvas for sleek and contemporary design, or clean and classic living, or cosy cottage style – or something in the middle. Our home is our haven and after a long day it is really important to come back to somewhere that we can relax. At Diamond Millennium Carpets in Chorlton, Greater Manchester, we have helped thousands of families and first-time buyers find the perfect carpets and flooring solutions to create their dream home. However, today we want to help those of you who have been settled for some time in your homes, but they are looking a little tired, uninspired, and very much in need of a revamp! Here are 4 carpets and flooring ideas to inspire a reinvention of your home interiors.

Don’t Fear the Patterned Carpet!

Poorly picked, a patterned carpet can transport us back to the seventies, and that will steer many people away from the idea and stick with the safer plain and neutral tones. However, well-executed, a patterned carpet can be a real contemporary, timeless even, addition to a room. A patterned carpet can give a room subtle texture, serve to create the illusion of a larger space, or inspire a colour scheme. At Chorlton’s Diamond Millennium Carpets, our in-house carpet experts can help you to choose from hundreds of patterned carpets, from bold and busy to subtle and chic, and all fantastic quality.

Introduce Effortless Luxury with Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, or LVT, is one of the biggest growing floor types in the industry – and there are plentiful reasons for that. With beautiful wood and tile effect, luxury vinyl tiles are a durable, cost effective, and as the name suggests still luxurious alternative to the “real thing”. Unlike vinyl which is available in sheet form, LVT is laid in a dryback or click system to really give the impression of true wood or tile. Since it is entirely waterproof, it can be used across any room in your home. In a huge variety of patterns and styles, Luxury Vinyl Tiles can immediately enhance a room or inspire a theme.

Bring the Outdoors In with Natural Fibre Flooring

Being in nature is one of the most wonderful things for relaxation – so why wouldn’t you want to bring a bit of that into your home. At Diamond Millennium Carpets, we specialise in Sisal, Coir, and Seagrass flooring and have helped hundreds of people pick and fit these hardwearing carpets. Natural fibre flooring offers a beautiful, rustic and uniquely neutral foundation for an easy home makeover. Crucially, natural fibre flooring is a timeless design so is a fantastic option for future interior design projects.

Vinyl: Low-Maintenance, Cost-Effective, Super Stylish

In its day, vinyl flooring has been reduced to “the cheap option”. It is true that vinyl flooring is very cost-effective, especially if there are small feet running around to ruin a cream wool carpet. However, vinyl is so much more than a choice for the bank balance and can be a fantastic addition to your home to really lift up the look of a room. Waterproof, practical, and non-stick; vinyl also comes in an enormous range of designs from wood effect, to tiles, to quirky designs and colours all readily available from our Chorlton carpets and flooring emporium.

At Diamond Millennium Carpets, we house thousands of carpet and flooring solutions from luxurious (moth-proofed!) woollen carpets to artificial grass and our friendly team of experts are here to help you find the perfect fit for your home. Pop along to Diamond Millennium Carpets in Chorlton to explore our range.

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